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Your Core Resource For Healthcare Staffing

“Your nurse was given praise by one of our seasoned nurses for being kind, professional and understanding to a difficult situation over the weekend. Apparently, she saw a situation in which another agency nurse was refusing to float and volunteered herself so that the patients were all cared for."

-Agency Staffing Coordinator

Prestigious Healthcare Organization in Birmingham, AL


Our Expertise

We provide staff on a contractual and as needed basis to hospitals, Surgical Centers, Cancer Treatment Centers and more.  While we prefer to work directly with our client facilities to build productive relationships, we do work with many of our clients via Multiple Service Provider (MSP) agreements.


We screen and qualify every professional before presenting that provider to our clients.  Services include, license verification, background checks, drug screens, work references, and competency assessments.  Our competency assessments include 180 tests measuring 8700 skills validated by HealthSource.  We keep our providers up-to-date with pertinent competency tests as they become available; the most recent test required by Alliance Nurse Core Inc., is the  Covid-19 assessment.


Alliance Nurse Core Inc., maintains an updated credentialing file which can be made available to our client facilities within minutes.

Redefining Healthcare Solutions

In 2009, Alliance Nurse Core Inc. set out to redefine the business of healthcare staffing.   We continue to redefine the industry to this day.  Our mission is to assist our client organizations and experienced providers in achieving high-reliability patient care by matching clients' organizations and professionals' needs.  


Engaging the right amount of additional staff at the right time, in the correct settings, helps prevent provider burnout, patient mishaps and can be financially rewarding for the healthcare organization and provider alike. Our highly efficient business model allows us to control costs and is critical to our continuing ability to recruit and retain the best providers available.  We build trusting relationships through honest, straight-forward conversations.  We always do what we say we will do! 


The leadership of Alliance Nurse Core Inc. has a collective experience of over 90 years in hospitals, nursing, emergency medicine, and human resources.

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