Hospital Employees

Redefining Healthcare Solutions

In 2009, Alliance Nurse Core Inc. set out to redefine the business of healthcare staffing.   We continue to redefine the industry to this day.  Our mission is to assist our client organizations and experienced providers in achieving high-reliability patient care by matching clients' organizations and professionals' needs.  

Engaging the right amount of additional staff at the right time, in the correct settings, helps prevent provider burnout, patient mishaps and can be financially rewarding for the healthcare organization and provider alike. Our highly efficient business model allows us to control costs and is critical to our continuing ability to recruit and retain the best providers available.  We build trusting relationships through honest, straight-forward conversations.  We always do what we say we will do! 

The leadership of Alliance Nurse Core Inc. has a collective experience of over 90 years in hospitals, nursing, emergency medicine, and human resources.

Meet the Team

Committed to Your Satisfaction

Abel Pestana

Founder & Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Pestana has been in health care staffing for 23 years. Originally from Portugal, he resides in the metro Atlanta area.

Dr. Michael McEachern, EdD, LFACHE

President South and Southwest Division

Dr. McEachern joined Alliance Nurse Core Inc. in 2019 and serves as President of the South and Southwest Division. He handles the Alabama and Travel divisions.

Lisa Wilder BSN,RN

President and Infection Prevention Consultant