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Doctors with Bacteriological Protection

Alliance Infection Prevention

In 2020, the world has seen the novel coronavirus stretch the available physical and human healthcare resources to the breaking point. Once again, we sought to redefine the landscape with Alliance Infection Prevention Consultants, a division of Alliance Nurse Core Inc. Our consultants work with Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living facilities to prevent and correct survey and compliance issues. 


Alliance infection prevention consultants will help ensure that your facility is ready for a focused COVID infection control survey. Through a review of your current infection control program, we can help eliminate Immediate Jeopardy (IJ) recognized areas of weaknesses, which may identify areas of noncompliance during the inspection survey. Take action; don't wait for the Immediate Jeopardy citation! 

Our Certified Infection Prevention Practitioners provide:

  • A thorough review of your current infection prevention plans and identify any areas of weakness.

  • Present findings to your governing body and identify areas requiring changes to ensure your residents' maximum health and regulatory compliance for your institution.

  • Ensure that you have an effective Quality Assurance & Infection Prevention (QAPI) program in place. 

  • Conduct a complete review of a COVID unit in your facility to ensure regulatory compliance.

  • Assist with developing a safe and effective COVID unit that meets regulatory compliance and resident and staff safety protocols.

If you have already received an immediate jeopardy citation, Alliance is here to successfully walk you through the correction process. Our Infection Prevention Consultants have over 33 years of collective experience. Each has special training in infection prevention. We will work with your staff to bring your facility back into compliance as quickly as possible.

New regulations have arisen due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Compliance with these regulations can easily overwhelm your staff. We will walk with you throughout the process and create a plan that is specific to your team and facility. Our goal is to deliver a plan that will work for YOU!

Contact us to today to schedule your infection prevention review.

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